We all have the same vision:

to become a sales channel where people are encouraged to be more healthy and live a more active life,
and as well, to promote the social responsibility of the brands we sell with.

The Run for Stuff Fit Fam!


Growing up, I always knew I was going to have this crazy billion dollar idea and you know what I learned? It doesn't exist. No one knows the worth of an idea until you have a team that can conquer the world with you. I am Micheal the CEO of this awesome team called Run for Stuff.


I had this idea for an app that would listen to a song and tell you what the name of it was. That's what got me into programming. Then Shazam became a thing but I had already fallen in love with programming and was determined to create the next big thing.

Hacker: Developer

I always had a thing for startups. I love being able to have influence in a company, to create something new, and do it the way you want. Programming is like speaking to me.

Hipster: Marketing Director

After graduating highschool I went into sales and was hooked instantly. I enjoyed the commission structure, but what I loved the most was pleasing people. When I started my post secondary I had zero clue on what I wanted to do. Everyone I talked to would say "Max! Seriously, get your butt into marketing!" I gave it a shot, and from that moment on I never looked back. I continuously challenge myself so I know that I have lived my life to the best of my ability!

Hippie: Creative Director

Nothing excites me more than finding innovative solutions for complex problems, and moving ideas from good to great. The idea of being a damn good designer is what gets me out of bed. If i'm not infront of my computer or sketching concepts in my book, you can likely find me hugging a tree in a foreign country.

Hacker: Lead IOS dev

I've been developing for apple since I was 14 years old. I don't know what made me fall in love with apple, just something about how they inspired a whole new mindset. I also love long walks on the beach.

Hound: RFS Mascot

Woof woof bork woof. Woof wuf wuf Woof woof bork guur woof! Woof woof wuf..woof.

We run Run for Stuff

From fun running to speed walking.
From walking the dog to going for a jog.
We are here to reward you!

Interested in selling with us?

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We're all crazy and passionate about what we do... that's how I know this is going to be huge.