Welcome to 2.0

Run for Stuff 2.0 brings all new local partners and ways to reward yourself for staying active

Learn more about our new features by reading our FAQs below 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gift Stops?

Gift Stops are our special partnered locations where our players can redeem only 10 Activity Points for rewards such as free stuff, discounts, Gold AP and keys. Get a gift by finding a Gift Stop location on Run for Stuff’s map and use the app to scan the sticker placed by the front door.

Nothing appears on my map

2.0 has just launched and will be coming to your city soon! Click here to sign up to get an alert when Gift Stops are available near you!

What are Activity Points?

Activity Points (AP) are earned from your daily activity. Your steps are counted whether you walk, run, bike, swim or more, as long as you have your phone, FitBit or Apple Watch on you. The more you move, the more you earn!

I'm not getting any points 🙁

Make sure you enable Apple Health on iOS or Google Fit on Android. Also, ensure you’ve allowed  the following permissions:


Enable Location and Google Fit


Enable steps and distance with Apple Health, Location Data, and Notifications. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our Support Team here.

How many steps do you need to earn one Activity Point?

You need 200 steps to earn one Activity Point.

What can I use my Activity Points for?

Activity Points (AP) can be used to get discounts, enter giveaways and free stuff from our online partners. You can see all the ways to redeem through our in-app Run for Stuff Reward shop. AP can also be used to scan Gift Stops and earn more rewards such as local discounts, free stuff, and more. 

What are the gold coins for?

Gold AP (Activity Points) can be used for upcoming premium rewards.

What are keys for?

Keys are used for unlocking hidden virtual chests that contain extra rare booty! Click here to sign up to get an alert when a chest is dropped near you.

Can I use my FitBit?

Sure can! In your Run for Stuff app, go to Settings > Fitness Tracking > Link a FitBit

Can I use my Apple Watch?

Yup! It will link automatically since our app syncs with Apple Health.

How do I get a gift?

Visit one of our Gift Stop locations and use your Activity Points to scan for a reward. You will have the chance to win free stuff and discounts from our partners, Gold AP, or keys! 

Where can I find my gifts?

In the Run for Stuff app, click the top left corner of your home page (Rewards). This will open up your RFS wallet.

Do I need to keep the app open to get points?

No, the app tracks your steps in the background and only syncs with the server (Apple Health and Google Fit) when you open the app.

Will this app drain my battery?

Nope! Run for Stuff only syncs your steps when you open the app, conserving your battery power. Your steps will be tracked automatically through Apple Health and Google Fit even when the app is closed.

How do I redeem my local gifts?

Once you activate your gift card you will only have 5 minutes to use your reward! Make sure that you are at the right location first. Click on the Gift Card in your RFS wallet to activate it and then show it to the cashier at the store! 

How will I know if I won a draw?

 We will send an email to the email you have set up with us. We never reveal winners private information to other users.

Can I change my email?

Go to your Run for Stuff app and click Settings > Change email

My gift card doesn't work

Please send us a message here with the unique ID or screenshot of your reward!

My app keeps crashing

Please ensure you have updated to the latest version of Run for Stuff. If you are still experiencing problems, please leave a detailed message with our support team here.

Do you track my location?

We track the location of the last Gift Stop that you scanned to prevent bots from abusing the system and stealing rewards from our players. We do not keep record of any paths you take or any other previous locations. 

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