Gamify your

Run for Stuff creates a gamified world where player’s physical activity earns real rewards.

Work for it!

Our in-app fitness tracker runs in the background and syncs with Apple health or Google Fit. Every step you take is converted into Activity Points to redeem for real rewards!

Find your motivation

Reward yourself for staying active! Redeem Activity Points for athletic wear, supplements, jewelry and more! Win free coffee, food, and more when you redeem your Activity Points at a local Gift Stop.

Apple Watch Compatible

FitBit Compatible

Meet the Team

Run for Stuff was founded by a team of 5 MacEwan university students in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Our Mission is to motivate our players to lead a more active lifestyle, while providing our partners with a socially responsible way to promote their brand.

Run for Stuff Inc. was incorporated in July 2017, and launched on iOS and Android platforms September 2017.

Run for Stuff 2.0, released Summer 2018, debuted an innovative way for local businesses to increase their foot traffic.

Micheal Bouchard

Chief Executive Officer

John Robbins

Chief Technology Officer

Christian Ellinger

Full-stack Developer

Leo Fitzgerald

Business Analyst

Tamara Mazur

Marketing Director

Jonah Siegle

Chief Mobile Officer

Maxwell Evans

Sales Director
Start rewarding yourself today!