Run for Stuff

An innovative marketing platform.

Our vision is to be known globally for our customer centric lifestyle brand, which encourages healthy activities by providing tangible value. Our strategy is to be the largest marketing platform directed at healthy living individuals, with the highest return on investment for our partners.

Create Strong Relationships

RFS rewards people for being physically active!

The incentive to download and use the app is that users are rewarded for their activity. Through these rewards, users feel good about buying a product since it is earned instead of bought. The relationship between the consumer and the company is strengthened due to this interaction.

Innovative Marketing Tool

A new & fun way to reach your consumers!

Simply put, RFS users are your customers. For the user, the app is a fun way to count their steps and promote an active lifestyle, while discovering new brands.

By providing us with a unique discount code, we can start creating your custom business profile, while linking with Instagram, and your website. Our fee is 9% for any products that were purchased from your website with the unique discount code.

Our Mission

RFS rewards people for being physically active!

Our mission is to provide our users with an exciting way to encourage and track their fitness, while promoting brands in a fun and socially responsible way.