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a story to tell.

What makes Run for Stuff unique?
Why don’t we consult one of our users, Lizzy.

Like the reason 57% of people don’t shop on Amazon, Lizzy wants a relationship with a company.

But, like Lizzy, 68% of customers leave a company because they feel that the company does not care about them.

Run for Stuff rewards people for being physically active!


So let’s get a little bit more into the details ;)

Run for Stuff rewards people with points for every kilometer that they walk or run. With those points, they can redeem exclusive discounts on products that your company offers

We start and build on a relationship with your customer through encouragement and rewards.

We partner with companies that have the same core values that we represent, which is increasing health and wellbeing in the world.

Sell in a way that represents your brand, and is socially responsible.

Run for Stuff is a direct to consumer channel for selected fitness brands.

Your company now has a way to connect emotionally to your customers and increase word of mouth marketing.

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I love to support companies who support more than just profit, who value the betterment of society.

Josh H.